Cloze test text goes beyond window

The text in the Cloze test extends beyond the popup window. The popup doesn’t allow text-size adjustment or window-size adjustment so part of the text always remains invisible.

I am using a MacBook osx 10.8.

Actually the problem exists in all the popup windows (dictation, multiple choice, etc.), but the texts tend to be shorter so the problem isn’t visible.

@AndyHughes - I gave this a try but it seems to be working properly for me. Would you be able to take a screenshot and send it over so we might have a better idea of what is causing this?

I have made the screenshot but don’t know how to transmit it to you.

@AndyHughes - Ah yes, just email it to us at support (at)

I should also have mentioned that I’m using Chrome 27.0.1453.65 beta

@AndyHughes - OK, thanks for sending over the screenshot. It looks like the font size in your browser has been adjusted to Large or Extra Large, which would be causing these formatting issues. Here are instructions on how to adjust the font size in Chrome: Change text, image, and video sizes (zoom) - Computer - Google Chrome Help

Thank you. You are quite right. I apparently entered a “large font” setting when I set up Chrome and forgot about it. The interesting thing is that in “Preferences” (the Mac equivalent of “settings”), if you preset the zoom to say “125%”, you can override it on a page by using the “zoom in” or “zoom out,” which will alter the font size accordingly. But if you preset the font size, the zoom will not override the font size. Live and learn.

Thanks again.

@AndyHughes - Great, glad you got it figured out! Zoom tends to work much better than adjusting the font size through the browser, as the zoom is proportional but the text size just adjusts one aspect on the page.

If you run into any other issues or have further questions be sure to let us know!