Cloze test kills lingqs' translation!

I have noticed that some of my lingqs translations are dissapeared!
I suspect it was caused by the ‘Cloze test’, but I’m no sure.

Do something, please.

*not sure, of course

Thank you for this Niksa. I have not had his problem and have not been using the cloze test. In any case we will fix the problem as soon as possible.

The same problem occurs to me (for a few LingQs) since yesterday:

All my LingQs with an apostrophe in the term are lost!
They are not yellow or underlined, and you cannot LingQ them anew.


I had a problem with a Cloze test word that had an apostrophe yesterday, too. The word with the apostrophe was the correct answer. I received an incorrect answer response of a red X each time the word was the correct answer.

Thank you for your help.
Marj B.

Thanks for the bug report, Marj. We’ll take a look at what might be causing this.