Cloze test does not work properly on some texts

On some recent texts the cloze test only lists some of the Lingqs. It does not list any which only appear in the text being read but lists those where there is an alternative passage containing the words.

@bill232 - It is normal for the cloze test to exclude certain LingQs, specifically those that don’t have an appropriate phrase available. It is likely that the lesson you are studying is a private lesson, and I don’t believe text from private lessons is used for the cloze test in order to avoid that text showing up for other users.

The lessons I was studying were public lessons, not private ones. I never have any problems with lessons that I download myself. The problems I had were with lessons called “Il Legno Storto”, public lessons downloaded by Michele Bondesan.

@bill232 - It looks like the Cloze test actually does include LingQs from private lessons, so please disregard my comments about that. Were these words saved recently, or are some older LingQs? In addition, do all of these LingQs have phrases?

Hi Alex

I think the LingQs listed had been saved prior to those selected from the recent lessons. All the LingQs, whether selected or not, have phrases. The statistics are as follows:

Il Legno Storto 27 gennaio 2011; total LingQs - 17; selected for Cloze test - 4.
Il Legno Storto 16 febbraio 2001; total LingQs - 40; selected for Cloze test - 7.
Acquacotta - una ficcanasso a zonzo; total LingQs - 18; selected for Cloze test - 4.
Il Gattopardo (40) (private); total LingQs - 108; selected for Cloze test - 108. (just to show that some work correctly!)

@bill232 - I tried creating some LingQs in the first lesson and didn’t seem to have any issues:

Would you be able to open up this lesson, click on the LingQs button on the Dashboard, click “Edit” then send us a screenshot of the LingQs that display?

Hi Alex

Sorry to have taken so long to reply but I have been away from home since Wednesday. However, when I opened the lessons this evening, all three lessons listed the right number of words: don’t ask me why! If the problem recurs I will let you know. By the way, I was using Chrome as my browser.

@bill232 - OK, good news! It may have just been a caching issue, but we will also keep an eye out for any additional reports of this.

I think you’re right about the cache. If it happens again I will clear the cache first