Close-down of the Dutch-German Website "Woord van de dag"

The Dutch-German Website “Woord van de dag” has been closed because of an alleged violation of the copyright (and the very high fine the owner probably has to pay for this infringement).

This website offered some articles of different Dutch Newspapers with a correspondent audio in mp3 in order to help Dutch learners to improve their language skills. In addition, they provided some translations into German of the most difficult words.

It’s really a pity, because it was very helpful. But this happens to all websites where the copyright (in my eyes much too rigorous) isn’t respected very carefully.

I’ve never heard of the website, but this is a terrible situation. It’s really becoming time for this repressive idea-ownership system to be dismantled.

Oh boy. These newspapers are just so DUMB to make a complaint about this kind of thing!

They have - obviously - not lost any paying readers as a result of this website. But they were getting some free publicity from it - and possibly some future loyal readers among advanced learners of Dutch in Germany.

Copyright laws were made in 19th century to protect authors of physical books which often only sold a few hundred copies. These laws are simply no longer fit for purpose in the modern digital age and urgently need to be reformed, in my opinion.

That’s really a pity. If I’ve known this before I had downloaded some of their material. I asked them for permission to share it on LingQ but they refused.

There 's still a slight chance that they’ll win the case (e.g. because it’s ridiculous to claim the right about the information about what occurs in the world) and re-open one day (but I have my doubts, because the law in Germany is very strict with respect to the copyright).

I don’t want to say, that the copyright laws in general should be abolished completely (in some cases they are certainly appropriate), but - in my opinion - they should be untightened - at least a bit.

I missed the opportunity do download the mp3 files, too. They closed just before I wanted to start working with the material :frowning: .

Hallo Frank, woher hast Du Deine Infos? Ich habe nur den Hinweis auf der Seite gesehen, konnte aber sonst nichts dazu finden. Es ist wirklich Schade, dass so etwas, was ja eindeutig für die Bildung der Bürger gedacht ist, geschlossen wurde.

Hallo Vera! Diese Nachricht haben alle Abonnenten als Rundschreiben von Herrn Prof. Dr. Hüning - der Leitung es Arbeitsbereichs - erhalten. Wenn Du möchtest, kann ich Dir diese Nachricht per Mail zusenden. Vorausgesetzt natürlich, Du bist ebenfalls an einem kostenlosen Abo interessiert, falls der Service wieder zur Verfügung gestellt werden sollte.

Viele Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende


Ja, das wäre schön. Hast Du meine E-Mail-Adresse?
Das Abo hatte ich noch nicht gemacht, weil ich momentan nicht viel Zeit für Niederländisch habe. Und über das Archiv hatte man ja Zugriff auf alle Newsletter. Ich hoffe, es wird eine Lösung gefunden.

Hallo Vera! Ich habe die Mail an Deine E-Mail-Adresse, die ich auf Deiner Website gefunden habe, (freenet) gesendet. Bitte teile mir mir, ob diese angekommen ist.

Danke Frank, ich habe sie erhalten und Dir geantwortet mit einer anderen E-Mail-Adresse, die ich normalerweise verwende.