Clicking on the "i" in the library takes to long

Clicking on the “i” in the library takes unbelievable long for some (long) collections. For example clicking on this “i” for the EnglishLingQ podcast took me 3 Minutes and 39 seconds! A less patient person would think that the computer is frozen, and the program doesn’t work.

I’m not sure what the problem causes but have you ever considered that Java is very slow, and maybe not the select on the database and the servers are too slow. I knew that some software developers stopped using Java in business applications because of this problem.

I remember you changed that about one year ago. Earlier the library was organized in collections, and it took sometimes long to open them, but it took never so long as today!

Earlier, when we used the direct Link (English LingQ Podcast 1.0 - LingQ Language Library) a new page was opening, and we could see all the lessons by scrolling down. That was very convenient. It took maybe 10 to 20 seconds for longer collections to open it, but not longer. It was slow but okay. Very nice was to be able sorting the items of the collection by unknown words. I used this feature a lot. Now the link works again, but I see only 10 lessons at once and I have to click on each page. This is not so convenient.

The major problem is that clicking the “i” results in unbelievable long loading times. I can imagine how newcomers feel if they stumble upon this problem. I’m as an experienced user wondered what happened when I experienced this problem for the first time.

By the way, the same problem occurs with the new courses.

Vera, when I click in the “i”, the collection is displayed within a second or mostly even less. The same applies to courses.

Now I tested it on another computer with the EnglishLingQ podcast. I think it is one of the longest collections.

With FF it was really fast (15 to 20 seconds). With IE8 on the same computer it took about 3 to 4 minutes. So it depends on the browser.

Both computer works with Windows XP.

On my computer FF quitts!!! I don’t know why. Maybe the settings in FF on my computer differs from that on the other computer.

Tomorrow I’ll test it on one or two other computers.

Same problem with IE8 on another computer.

Strange. I tried it in Spanish, French and Russian, on my iPad and then on my computer. No problem. I hover on the title of the lesson, the “i” shows up, I click on it and within a few seconds or so I am in the collection list.

Steve, it depends on the browser. I assume that an iPad don’t use Internet Explorer 8.

I use Firefox on my computer and have no problem. What about other IE users? Alex can test this later here as well.

It does look like there is a bit of a problem in IE, Vera. Most collections seem fine for me but the longer ones can take some time to open. We will look into it.

IE 7 + 8 are the slowest browsers when it comes to Javascript performance (and LingQ uses JavaScript heavily).

Firefox is faster than IE, but the fastest is Chrome.

Try Google Chrome, you will be surprised how fast it is.