Classroom = Waste of Money. The failure of French school!

I have taken the liberty of secretly filming my Advanced 2 French class. Did I say French class? As you can see Alliance Française teaches ABOUT french in English! Where is the French? I thought I was going to learn French…

I think you can learn more English at a French school!

This is why LingQ is far superior, and it costs next to nothing!

Now, you can see why Chinese people cannot learn foreign languages well. Maybe it’s like this in Canada where French is taught with a Québécois guy talking 90% English.

If I spent the 1.5 hours today on LingQ I would have at least learnt 30-50 new words, while in this class I learnt a massive 2 words! Look at the efficiency!

At first, I thought what kind of French he was speaking. It took me a few tries to identify the English buried in the sentences.

16 seconds is not enough to draw any type of conclusion. However, from my own personal experience I studied french for 4 years in school. Guess what- I don’t know french and can only remember a few sentences. On the other hand, my self-taught Japanese (audio courses) is improving, slowly but surely (russian expression).

I have not listened to Japanese LingQ lessons for 10 months now, but recently I watched some Japanese dorama and understood some lines without reading subs! It seems my passive Japanese is approximately on the same level as it was a year ago. At school I always forgot all English during summer vacations :slight_smile: I even was not able to retell the ‘London is the capital of Great Britain’ topic a week after =) I think that the main purpose of language learning at our schools is to train short memory. Now I can drill anything, pass any test and forget everything I have drilled in a moment.

Today I made an official complaint to the Principal of Alliance Française Hong Kong in FRENCH! He forced me to speak French… wow, how embarrassing to complain in broken French.

Anyway, I told him frankly that today was the last straw. I spent the last 1.5 hours hearing 1 hour of English! Why am I paying good money to learn English! I gave him the video to see and he agreed.

After listening to Steve’s discussion with Sean the Spanish teacher in America, I just couldn’t help to think how ridiculous classrooms and teachers are. What I think is that the efficiency is too low and it seems that teachers are basically keeping students at a level so they never succeed to a decent level but see just enough progress to continue paying tuition fees to pay their wages.

Anyway, very unhappy today. Another thing was that the teacher today taught us Art! Naturalism and Realism or whatever. I don’t even know this stuff in English, what a waste of time to learn this in French! The students in the class can’t even string 2 sentences together and they are learning specific domain knowledge that is simply boring!

Bien fait, Milan. J’applaudis ton brio!

The Principal agreed, and what was his action?

The principal said he will talk with the teacher, but asked for my name, phone #, email and requested I join a super advanced class… I’m guessing this advanced class is more in line with those that have lived in France before. However, I think LingQ is far better than the classroom.

For the 3 hours of class this week, there simply wasn’t enough repetition or proper context to remember any of the words I learnt in the class.

So on my iphone I have ultralingua dictionary. From the history of searched items, these are the NEW words I HEARD/READ (not learn) in the class. None of these I will remember by tomorrow as they simply weren’t learnt in a way to remember it.


Are you going to join that class or stay away and just use LingQ?

@James123: Just use LingQ. I don’t like to hear non-native accents, incorrect intonations and poor grammar. What’s that saying in English: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

That’s the problem I have in school. The class is taught in just English and the only listening practice we get is my classmates speaking, even though they have strong English accents, poor grammar and atrocious pronounciation. That’s not going to help me learn at all.

My son’s school appears to hve a definite policy of controlling learning, rather than encouraging it in an uncontrolled fashion. They take this to the point of blocking Wikipedia and Google Translate as undesirable web sites. I am afraid there is a lot of “theory X” control-freakery in the teaching professions.

HAving used LingQ for nearly three years I don’t think there’s a language class that would have me, or that i would invest my time in. There’s just not enough input.

Skyblueteapot- It’s bad, I know. Today, I couldn’t go on wikipedia, nor go on another site because it is categorised as “video and audio”(despite that being the best way for children and teenagers to learn) and nor could I go search “commonwealth games” because games is an banned search word. It’s no wonder that I’m losing interest and that 99% of what I know is self taught.

James123 you are lucky- my University disabled the internets altogether after the head master guy saw some people were using it to browse vkontakte (like facebook but in russian)

This is the trouble with encouraging kids to love learning. They go off and learn stuff on their own and you have no control over the process :wink:

ha! That is bad. I think schools and universities go too far. They seem to try to take control over a large portion of their student’s lives. If they relaxed a little, I believe the students will enjoy school so much more and acheive better grades. I also think that it should optional to go to lessons. If the student doesn’t want to be there, they are not going to learn and then they will be disruptive in class. This will lead to the teachers putting their efforts into dealing with these trouble makers and the students who do actually want to be at school to learn, will not learn. It’s not fair!

[small footnote: I’m probably the only teenager in England not on facebook. I am on vkontakte though!]