Classical vacabulary review is almost broken in the LINQ-5

Reviews in the classical review page (like Login - LingQ ) are almost completely broken. Flashcards button shows popup like this:
One still can resize it and get something similar to old previes
but it requires additional actions (and resizing works quite unpredictable itself).
I use the old version of vacabulary because there is no way simulate the “classical” review style (you repeat the word as long as you need, it disappears from the list only once you get it right two times in the row) using the new tools.

I suggest you to use the new version from now. We no longer support previous versions and we won’t be fixing issues there, we are fully focused on the latest update at the moment.

Thank you for the response!

Is there an option “repeat until learn” (similar to the classical one) in the new review mode?