Classic style flashcards

Hey guys! Is there a way to get back to the classic style Flash Cards? I hate that with the new cards I only review a certain predetermined number of flips. I liked the old way where I kept reviewing and kept reviewing until I got each card correct twice in a row. I know there is the “Keep Reviewing” option, but it still words that I’ve already gotten correct twice in a row.

When I go to the ‘Classic’ tab, and then to Vocabulary, I see still see the new Vocabulary style. However, if I go to a lesson that I’ve already finished and want to review the Lingqs I created, I get the old style. If I could get this old style for all of my “due for review” words, that would be awesome.

Hi Shawncfer,
The only way to use the classic style flashcards is to open old Vocabulary page (Login - LingQ) and start the flashcards from there.