Clarification of Meaning

The following are some words very commonly heard nowadays. Please clarify meanings of these words:

Sub-prime Loans
Economic downturn
Bank Bailouts
Stimulus package
Sub-prime mortgage

Save these terms at LingQ. Then I suggest that you set aside 30 minutes to google each one of these terms. You will be directed to Wikipedia and other sources. From what you learn you will be able to enter explanations of these terms into your saved LingQ.

Import the texts that you find at Wikipedia and elsewhere into LingQ and save more words and phrases that you do not understand. You may also want to google some of those terms to find more detailed explanations.

After 30 minutes you will know a lot more about the economic situation, and the meaning of these terms, and you will have a list of key economic terms that you have explained to yourself in your own words.

You may wish to sign up for a one on one discussion with one of our tutors to discuss the economic crisis or you may want to submit writing where you use these terms to comment on the present crisis.

Good luck!