Clarification - 25 lingqs


I have a question about the Timeline on my “Learn” page. Wondering what ‘25 lingqs’ means. Every day it adds ‘25 LingQs’, at the same time each day. I used to think it was referring to the completion of my daily review of 25 lingqs of the day on my iphone, but then I stopped doing that and it kept showing up. Does it simply refer to the fact that 25 lingqs have been emailed to me for review? I have a screenshot but am not sure how to post it here.


@jagwbl - This list is actually your top 25 LingQs based on frequency, and this is a way to study more common words straight from the Learn page.

I’m not get LingQ review everyday? I want get review of lingQs everyday on email. But is doesn’t ? How can I do?