Chunks in previously read lesson turn white/unread

See the picture. I already read this whole book: “Jules Verne - Vingt mille lieues sous les mers” and now when I´m opening it again, I´m seeing it like certain chunks of the chapter had never been read. If I go to one of these chunks, it will also show some of the words as blue.

I thought this might be because someone had edited the lesson after I first read it, but one thing that makes me doubt that is how a common French word like “cent” is shown as a new word. I very, very much doubt that with about 2.3 million read words and 62 thousand known words in LingQ, that I would not have seen such a common word (and marked it as known) in any other lesson before.

So is this simply an error, or is it because someone edited the lesson after I first read it?

I found the same issue in my japanese lessons. It is strange that a common work, like you said “cent”, when you click “i know this word” it counts +1. Can be a small error, but it changes the statistics.

Strange, thanks for reporting this. We will look into it.


I’ve had the same problem. I just looked at the Chinese “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” course.

Thanks Zoran. If I mark the blue words as known, my known words count also seems to go up permanently, so I suspect if I keep doing it I´d inflate my known words count, which I would hate to do. I figured known words were registered per user in the database and thus couldn´t ever be counted multiple times, so this seems strange.

I’ve encountered the same issue. I can’t recall which lessons specifically, but I’ll be on the lookout for it again. I wonder if this could be related to ‘hidden blue words’ problem where you can lingq all of the blue words in a lesson, but sometimes there’s still a few left that you can’t see that nevertheless get added to your known word count when you complete the lesson?

I have encountered the hidden blue words issue as well. Last time was the last time was chapter 18 of Le Mystère de la chambre jaune

@zoran I tested this a bit further.

I opened this lesson here: Login - LingQ and the word “et” was marked as blue. It means “and” in French, so it´s constantly appearing in any sort of text and could not possibly be a word I´m seeing for the first time. I decided to try something to To narrow the issue down, I Imported and opened a simple text containing the word “et” and then it was white (not marked as blue at all). Then I reopened the weird lesson where it had been marked blue and it was still marked blue there.

This makes me think it is indeed connected with the “hidden blue words problem” a.k.a. the “phantom new words problem”.

I just posted about how I tested something and the result makes me suspect you are right about these two issues having some sort of a connection.

@rokkvi Can you please check this same lesson again: Login - LingQ
and let me know if “et” is still blue? I re-split that lesson and want to make sure that’s the issue.

Yes it is and the same chunks in the lesson are still white.

I have that issue when I edit lessons because of the hidden blue words. All of a sudden, words I already know are blue again.