Chrome Youtube extension stopped working too

I remember it asked me for the new permissions (which I reluctantly granted).
Now I’m trying to import a video and nothing happens.

Please fix it. I hope you updated plugin for a good reason.

I realized that it looks like a classical hack. I wonder if it stole my browser data and saved passwords.

The link to the Extension Web Store page is broken (404).
( LingQ Importer - Chrome Web Store )
There is no “lingq” extension in the Chrome Web Store at all!
( Chrome Web Store )

I fear that the LingQ Chrome extension could have been compromised. It could steal login credentials and cryptocurrency keys. Once Google discovered that the extension was replaced with a malicious variant, the extension was removed from the Chrome Web Store.

Some problem, asked me to accept new permissions, I did, now it doesn’t work.
Gave up using Safari for Lingq because of the problems (which have still not be resolved), now Chrome is not working, running out of browser options.

btw, the problem is not limited to importing Youtube, it’s every site.


Sorry about that everyone. It’s fault on our end, we pushed a new extension version but seems like it’s broken and not working at the moment. We are looking into it and we will have it fixed asap!


So it hadn’t been compromised? That’s the only thing I was worrying about. Thanks for the response!
(Changed some passwords anyway)

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Sorry, everyone, the latest version of the extension wasn’t working so it was pulled. We should have a new version up sometime today. The new version fixes the issue with importing from Netflix.

The new Chrome Extension is now available. You may have to remove and re-install the extension to use it right away. I’m not sure how long Chrome takes to update the extension automatically.

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