Chrome Plug-in not Working as Expected

Unfortunately it is still not working for me.I tried it many times!!! I’m waiting 5-10 min. and I can still not see the LingQs on the page!! Finally I must click “open on LingQ”. It is very frustrating!

So it is easier to use the bookmarklet.It needs less time.

I wrote this in a other threat some times ago.

Let me know when they are some improvements.


@kimojima, jolanda - Sorry to hear you are still having problems with the extension. It is working fine for us and for many others. Please try closing and re-opening Chrome to make sure you have the most up to date version of the extension. If you have a slow internet connection, you may have to wait for it a little bit. Make sure you wait until it says it has imported the lesson successfully when you first click on the extension. Then, sometimes you will have to wait for the highlighting to load when you click to LingQ on Page. This process takes a few seconds and will be longer on a slow connection. Also, you may have to click the button a second time if it doesn’t work initially. There does seem to be a glitch there that sometimes happens.

@kimojima - Not sure how why you are experiencing that kind of lag. We are constantly concerned with performance but don’t have that happening to us. Is this a constant problem for you? Or, could it have been temporary issue? We had an issue with one of the third party scripts we use a few days ago for 24 hours or so but we were able to resolve it and speed should be fine once again. Otherwise, what is your internet connection like? Are other pages on the web slow?

i have the same problem in my computer/

@ Mark

You are correct about often having to click on the button a second time to get it to work. The problem is the waiting time. I have tried with all of the languages I have used on my account and the waiting time seems to depend on the number of LingQs and known words I have. For French, where I have a very small number, I only have to wait a few seconds. For German, where I have almsot 40,000 known words and over 40,000 LingQs, I usually have to wait 5 minutes (in which time I could have read the average news article twice). It has nothing to do with the speed of the internet connection.

doesn’t work for me

I’ve tried for most of the afternoon, firstly to download Google Chrome which did eventually happen.

However, as soon as it did I had a dialogue box saying:

“Your preferences file is corrupt or invalid. Google Chrome is unable to recover your settings”

I’ve since uninstalled it, but will gladly install it again if someone could please help me? I was so looking forward to it as it looks marvellous for LingQ.

Fingers crossed, Sue.

i reestarted google chrome but the LINGQ app doesnt work, i click LINGQ here and nothing happend. how can i fix this?

Neither did I have any success with Google Chrome and the LingQ app.

@SueWt - were you able to install the extension again?

@Josu88 - even if you wait until the page is fully loaded and then click on the button second time, it is still not working?

Hi galina - I wasn’t even able to click on it, it just came up with the message:

“Your preferences file is corrupt or invalid. Google Chrome is unable to recover your settings”

I’ve uninstalled it and downloaded it again, but still the same message, but I’ve no idea what it means! :-/

I might try it on my Husband’s computer and see what happens there, a bit of a pain, but…!


@galina - I’ve got it now! No idea how it turned out alright, but at least I have GC. Now just need to find out what to do to incorporate it with LingQ, quite exciting :slight_smile:

@SueWt - congrats on having Chrome installed! :slight_smile: Now you can head to the Chrome store and install the LingQ extension which, after installation, will appear at the top right menu bar. Here is the link to the extension:

@galina - I’ve got it, but when going to a site and clicking the LingQ app logo I’m asked “Open on Lingq” or “Lingq here”.

I select the one needed, but then I’m asked what language I want it in. I click ok then select French from the list but nothing happens. {Edit} It’s partly working, but only on the right side (odds and ends things such as twitter links, newsletter, search bar etc, but not on the actual necessary text.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks, Sue

@SueWt - some users experience the issues with the extension. We suggest you wait a bit until the page is completely loaded. Then click “LingQ here” and wait a bit. If nothing happens, click that button again. For me it works after second click, and I have to wait a little until the words on the page are highlighted with blue and yellow :slight_smile:

Success thank you, Galina!! Perserverance is the key. It’s amazing and I’m so happy with it, never before did I even dream of being able to learn so much French, now, thanks to LingQ, it’s coming to me in so many ways and I’ll never look back, not now! :slight_smile:

Many thanks indeed. Sue

@SueWt - Hurrah! :slight_smile: Great to hear. We hope it will be working fine!

Thanks Galina
However the LingQ here is not working for me. The other option, importing into LingQ works perfectly.
To use the LingQ here function, I have tried highlighting and not highlighting. Neither bring any blue and yellow words. I have a Mac computer. Is this likely to be the cause of my problem?

I read again about the problem being connected with number of known words. As I have many known words in German, this could be why it is not working for me. I’ll try Chinese instead.

Still LingQ here does not work. Never mind, the import feature is easier than the bookmarklet so I can use that.

@Ginkgo58 - have you tried it for your Chinese?