Christophe Clugston attacks LingQ Facebook beta language poll

I realize this is probably in the wrong place, but I didn’t know where else to go. Is it possible to remove posts on the Facebook poll? Christophe Clugston just posted the following:

“WHy you guys want to pay that slime ball Iaufmann for a product that is far inferior to FLTR–is only answered by Nietzsche’s Her INstincti”

I’m just afraid that this will discourage people from voting.

Also, would it be possible to remove Romanian from the poll, since it’s already in beta?

@Wulfgar - I’ve taken care of the post. Unfortunately Facebook no longer allows us to remove items from the poll.


Since he visited the page where the poll is, I wonder whether Mr Clugston actually voted for a language?

Klingon perhaps…?

He’s a character.

An ignoramus with a severe chip on his shoulder.

His arguments amount to nothing much more than “LingQ’rs are all hobbyists” - And I can’t speak for everyone but yes - language learning is a hobby of mine so… I don’t get it. Anyway.

I just ignore his videos now. I tried to watch one, where the title suggested he would speak about how to become fluent, but instead it was a great big rant about Steve, Benny, and many other polyglots. I found it very dull.

It’s okay to be of a different opinion and criticize someone but it’s not okay to use offensive language and insult someone.

BTW Is Mr Clugston the same person referred to in this document!?

I’m guessing that “our” Clugston wouldn’t be quite old enough now to have been at age 20 in the early 1980s? But still, it does kind of ring true…somehow…

Surely not…


The age (probably?) doesn’t match up - so I guess it’s a different person.

But the unfortunate guy referred to in the piece above was wrongfully convicted, spent many years in jail, and was “gang banged” while there - resulting in HIV infection.

Something like this could go a long way towards explaining Mr C’s bitter and unbalanced attitude towards Steve, LingQ, and the universe in general, IMO…

He could be 52 you know.

EDIT: nah, Probably not actually.

Aw well, I’ll leave him to it and continue with my own affairs :stuck_out_tongue:


Y’know…it’s almost possible…but my guess is that he’s about 44 plus or minus 2 years…

Yes, that would explain a lot, but, as you said it is quite unlikely…

So, now back to your French challenge! Allons enfants de la librairie…

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