Choose forums other than "Ask a Tutor"

Learning Japanese Forum - Ask a Tutor
"Ask questions about Japanese and get help from native speakers, tutors and other learners. Post general questions or post about specific terms right from your lessons. "

This description is misleading.

This forum is shown only to LingQ members who are studying Japanese. Most native speakers of Japanese are studying languages other than Japanese, which is, of course, their native language. They cannot see your questions if they are studying their foreign languages. If you want to get help from native speakers, you should not put your questions about Japanese on this forum.

If you want to get help, for example, from native speakers of English, you should not choose the “Learning English Forum - Ask a Tutor”. I am not a tutor of English, but I can read your questions because I am learning the language. Unfortunately, most native speakers of English will not notice your questions.