Chipping in for mini-story translators

Why shouldn’t people be interested?


The post was made a week ago asking did people want to chip in to get Thai moving forward…in that time it seems only myself and pjm were up for actually doing something.

Understood, thank you :slight_smile: Two volunteers is quite a lot if you ask me :wink:

It strikes me that another option for Thai - or anything else, really - is to go onto iTalki or similar language exchange sites, and look for native speakers of Thai in the ‘Community’ section who are at a high enough level in English to be able to understand the Mini-Stories original texts, and wanting to polish up their English to a higher level, and offer to give them English (or German, Polish etc) speaking practice sessions in exchange for translations and recordings. I’m going to have a go at doing that for some of the languages I would like to see added. I’m not personally planning to learn Thai at the moment, but if you wanted to try reaching out to people there, it might be worth a go.

I dare you to call a Klingon a nerd. :slight_smile:

Yeah not sure how we can get this one done. It’s a shame as it would be really useful to me to get the language on the site. Even if just the two of us get the text translated the sticking point is getting it recorded at the moment.

As an update, I may have found someone who is willing to help with Breton, though busy enough that it might take a while. Still, it will be a surprising development if, of all the Celtic languages, that is the one that ends up being supported here first.