Chinese to Chinese Dictionary Help


I am trying to switch to using Chinese to Chinese dictionaries only (vs. Chinese to English where you get the definition in English). When I choose the dictionary language as Chinese and then click on a word, there is never a definition in Chinese that comes up. If I click on Baidu or some of the other links, it brings me to those sites, but that’s not very helpful. For example with the PLECO Reader you can choose which dictionary you want to use and when you click on a word, that is the entry that is pulled through. (Side Note: it would be awesome to integrate the PLECO dictionaries with Lingq!!).

When in English to Chinese mode there is always an English translation that is populated when you click on a word.

Am I missing something in the way I am updating the settings?

Thanks in advance!


That means that there are no suggested user hints created for Chinese > Chinese combination, and that is why you don’t see them. You need to use available dictionaries to look for translation instead.

Among all listed dictionary for traditional Chinese, only MOEDICT offers a decent Chinese-to-Chinese explanation.

But I have to access MOEDICT’s website, and manually copy/paste the meaning into LingQ.

In “Popular Meaning”, choosing Traditional Chinese doesn’t give me anything useful. If I choose English, then I get the English translation, whose quality is pretty good. But I prefer Chinese explanation.

Is there a way for the user to add Chinese dictionary into “Popular Meaning”? If not, can LingQ implement this feature? Thank you.

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