Chinese phrases and iLingQ

Hi, I don’t think LingQ is remembering all the phrases I LingQ in Chinese. When I go back onto the lessons, they aren’t there and when I check on iLingQ, they aren’t in the card section. Also, when viewing a lesson on iLingQ, not all the words are highlighted. This means it is quite difficult reviewing a lesson.

I can’t seem to recreate this problem. It’s true that phrases don’t show up in iLingQ but on the site there are no problems. The issue of displaying LingQs that are phrases in iLingQ is a bit tricky but one that we hope to resolve someday.

Okay, I have just managed to recreate it.

  1. I’m on one of the damn simple Chinese lessons.
  2. I highlight a phrase. The LingQ widget pops up with google translate. I copy the pinyin into the box, then have a - and afterwards copy the meaning into it, so I have “[pinyin] - [translation]” in the hint box.
  3. Before it is saved, I delete it.
  4. I refresh the page. I re-highlight the original phrase and do the same as step two. This time I save it.
  5. I go out the lesson and then come back in, and the phrase is gone. It’s not in my vocabulary list or flashcards.

The way it happens seems a bit random, but you may want to know about it.


I just did what you explained in your last post, but I cannot recreate your problem. Everything works fine here.

Okay, it is probably my computer. Sorry for the hassle.

Not at all James. I think there are some strange things that happen in the Asian languages from time to tome because things there are a bit more tricky. However, for the most part everything is working well now and usually a quick refresh cures most problems.