Chinese-Mandarin native speaker looking for American language exchange partner

Greetings! My name is Alvis, a native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan (For that matter, I also speak Taiwanese, one of the Chinese dialects). I am a dedicated English learner and have bought several dictionaries for self-study; however, my English is not as fluent as I wish it to be. I think speaking skills is something one can’t master through self-learning. Your help will definitely make an enormous difference to my English. My passion about my mother tongue (i.e., Mandarin) is as strong as I am about English, if not stronger. I can ensure you that you’ll learn correct and cultivated Chinese from me (That said, I’ll also teach you fun and up-to-date colloquialisms). I’ll absolutely help you greatly with your Mandarin. In addition, my English level enables me to explain to you some baffling Chinese grammar rules in English, so you’ll better understand how the language works. In short, I am currently looking for reliable and long-term American language exchange partner on Skype. That being said, I wouldn’t mind some chitchatting with you now and then. I’ll be available to talk to you during 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. HK time. Will be available all day long on weekends. Are you looking for language exchange partners who speak Mandarin as the first language language like me? Then look no further. I’ll be the one you’ve been looking for. Let’s talk!

If you are game for it, please add my Skype ID (alvisspeaking). Also, if you have any further inquiries, feel free to PM me. I’ll try my best to reply to you in no time!


Hi Alvis! I am Marlena and as much as I would love to learn Manadrin that is actually not why I am contacting you. It is my first day on a new job in a new country and my boss asked me to translate (or see if it is even works in mandarin) the following phrase into Mandarin “inspired perspectives”. I hope you don’t consider me rude for asking for your help, I know you are looking for a tandem partner. But it would just be so amazing if you could help me with this!! thank you so much in advance!! sincerely marlena

this is what google translate gave me:
inspired perspectives
does it make any sense to you?