Chinese: LingQ 101 - Getting started: jiāng

In this context, I believe the character jiang should be in first tone: jiāng

Thanks, we’ll check that.

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Correct, first tone jiang1 when used for the meaning that is used here. And the second character would be bu2 when preceding a fourth tone as it does here. Result: jiang1 bu2 ren4shi de ci2 bao3cun2 xia4lai2.

you are completely right that the tone of bu 不 should change from the fourth tone to the second tone when followed by a character with fourth tone.
However, I don’t think that LingQ can handle special cases of changing tones (similar to e.g. when two characters with third tone follow each other).
I can I live with that! The change in tone does not change the meaning of the word.
That’s why I did not bring it up.
However, the character jiang 将 really should be corrected to first tone, as you also confirm to be the case. Thanks. 谢谢