Chinese lessons take forever to load

Since last week or so, the Chinese lessons I’ve studied have taken a long time to load. After several minutes, a prompt asks me if I want to quit running the Javascript (“if not, the browser may freeze”). I once quit running the script, and the LingQing function was lost.

I don’t get the prompt when opening a short lesson, but the loading still takes a lot of time.

Any ideas?

I think it is because LingQ core process every Chinese and Japanese lesson at opening to put extra spaces…
Personally I don’t like this functionality at all :stuck_out_tongue:

We have had that issue from time to time particulary on IE when opening longer items. I know Marianne was also having the problem and not in Chinese. We have spent some time trying to fix it but haven’t managed to do so. This bug only seems to affect some people so I have to think it is somehow related to connection speed or quality but I’m not sure. We will continue to try and find a solution.

I have this problem with long lessons in English. My idea is that a reason is my huge number of saved LingQs?