Chinese Language

I learn a lot of things from the chinese culture by reading chinese novels which are translated to english. but one day I hope that I can properly learn Mandarin so that I can read the raw version of Chinese Novels.

Well, good luck! I tried to learn Mandarin a few years ago and I want to say just one thing: never give up! Yes, Mandarin is really hard, but it’s worth all efforts. Just create some kind of motivation for yourself :slight_smile:

Oh so you’re motivated to learn Mandarin because you read chinese novels. Where do you read Chinese novels though?

Maybe she reads from sites like Yeah, it’s true sometimes I get the feeling too. Reading raw version of novels would fun since you get to read earlier than others.

I’ve experienced the same thing too. I always wait for the translated version of novels because I only understand english so I’m thinking about learning the original language of the novel too.

Oh I know that webnovel too! My brother reads chinese novels there and some novels have already been adapted into mangas and anime. They have fast release of translated novels but it’s so good that you can’t wait for some more days.

I believe that Mandarin is hard too. I’m taking up tourism in college soon and I’m guessing that the possibility of us tourism students to take up Mandarin class would be high… Reading chinese novels from webnovel is a start for me.

But there are other sites which hosts novels right?

Hmmm. I do not really know… Personally, I like reading novels because it enhances my ability to speak english and since you’re already on the page of learning language why not learn japanese or chinese too? Not just for the sake of having the chance to read the raw version but it’s a part of it.

The guy above mentioned something about “creating motivation” for oneself and I guess reading Chinese novels might seem like a good motivation because good novels… sigh you just can’t wait for the latest english chapter to be updated right?

Well, if you know the language you won’t be waiting for more update releases and just go out there and read the raw version.

Webnovel and other sites are a great motivation for learning the language while enjoying reading Chinese novels.

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