Chinese language word boundries don't work

I know the Chinese in only in Beta at the moment but the think that really prevents me giving a proper trail at the moment is that it can’t find any of your saved words in the text (it would be really useful to see the which lingqs apply to each document as you study it.

It seems to be a word boundry problem if the Chinese word has spaces either side it will pick it up but of course this is a rare occurrence in Chinese writing.

Does any know when the problem will be fixed ??

as an aside that is why I hardly have any lingqs saved at the moment, I am not really into vocab lists and will probably use the site atypically, I am really keen to be able to work with unfamiliar words in large documents though and at the moment I can’t do this.

Hi hu-cheng,

That is exactly why Chinese and Japanese are still in Beta. Not being able to find the word boundaries is what prevents us from highlighting these words on the page. You can find all the saved words in the Vocabulary section which you can open in a separate tab but the highlighting won’t work.

We would love to fix this right away and we will fix it eventually but, unfortunately, we have too many other things we’re working on right now and limited resources. We hope to be able to get to this in the summer.