Chinese course question


A few students are asking me about the lack of Pin Yin and English translation on the lesson. I have attempted to add Pin Yin and word by word translation in Lesson Forum, but that is inconvenient for both student and me since a student must leave the lesson page to see the comment. I also can not find a way to revise the Pin Yin comment I posted.

I think the best way is to add Pin Yin to the lesson. Is there anyway for me to revise those lessons published? Or do I have to start a lesson from scratch in order to add Pin Yin and English word by word translation?


For reasons such as word count and statistics, I think the best solution is to have the pinyin and translation in the Lesson forum (it can easily be reached by opening a new tab, instead of leaving the lesson page).

However, I think that a popup dictionary would be really convenient (many online dictionaries work that way, providing both pinyin and translation for any word).

We will eventually enable Pin Yin, translations and other texts in the body of the text as well, in such a way that this text does not interfere with counting of words and other functions. We will enable users to turn this off and on. This is in the future. There is just so much to do.

That’s great! Until that happens, pinyin is in fact indicated for most of the vocabulary. And as for translations, I think the ability to intuitively figure out what the words mean is getting better all the time (little by little).