Chinese and Japanese Out of Beta

We are happy to announce that today we have taken Chinese and Japanese out of Beta! Finally!

Actually, for the most part, those two languages have enjoyed full functionality for a few months but now that the bugs are fully worked out we feel confident in taking this step. We did recently add the space removal option for these language texts for all you Chinese and Japanese learners.

Sure, there are other improvements we can make and plan to make but this is a special day for LingQ! Chinese and Japanese learners are no longer second class citizens… :wink:

Thank you Mark! I plan on learning Japanese and Chinese soon so this is great!

A friend asked me a few days ago on how to go about learning Japanese, so I gave him the link to LingQ and said I’ll help him out. So now that these two languages are fully worked out is just great!

On a side note. Does that mean new languages will be coming soon?:wink:

Sorry, Nick! No new languages planned yet. It’s going to be a few more months yet, probably.

Thanks so much for your and the team’s hard work Mark. I greatly appreciate your effort, as I’m sure everyone else does. Cheers

This surely hasn’t had enough praise. I’m not learning either of these two languages (yet) but it’s great to see them out of beta.

Well done Mark!

It is high time to start my chinese studies then! :smiley: Thank you Mark and the others!

Hello Mark:

I’m still not clear whether or not we need to add spaces to Japanese and Chinese text in order for the word counter to recognize individual words. I understand that we can hide or show spaces but do we still need them in the text for the counter and dictionary functions to work?

Hi jbudding,

You don’t need to add spaces. The system automatically splits the text and identifies words. It also inputs spaces between words which you can hide if you like.