[Chinese] “过奖、“过奖” and “哪里、哪里” in English?

All the dictionaries give me only the definition, not the equivalent phrase in English.
They just say “this word is usually used as a humble reply to complements”.

I’ve come up with “Don’t mention it”. Does this represent the original word?

“Not at all.”

Deflecting praise in English is often dependent a lot on context. English doesn’t really have stock-standard responses like 你过奖了. In addition, western culture often dictates that it is better to accept, rather than deflect, praise.

For example; “you’re flattering me” is a close substitute for 过奖, but it is rarely used comfortably by most English speakers.

Normally if someone praises (“you look beautiful”, “you did a really great job”), the western response is to accept and just say “thank you”.

you’re flattering me

Not at all / That’s nothing.

Thank you for all the answers everyone.