Check out Google toolbar for instant translations

The new Google toolbar offers an instant translation function. Try it out. It is possible to stay on the lesson page in LingQ and toggle back and forth from the language you are learning to your own language. The highlighting remains, the sound bar works but you can read in your own language. This can help beginners. You can even use it for the forum.

This is such an amazing tool Steve, thank you for this.

Another great way to do it is to copy the text and paste it into the Google translate webpage (, in which case the text is translated and you can hover over the translation with your mouse and see the original text. For some reason the toolbar does not do this.

You can do it automatically if you go here

and drag the one click language button (they’re at the bottom of the page) onto your toolbar.

Unfortunately this function does not work with LingQ pages for some reason, so I’ve resorted to copying and pasting the text into, although this, of course, does not allow you to see your highlighted words.