'Check Dictionary and Resources' drop down menu not working

I currently am unable to use the ‘Check Dictionary and Resources’ drop down menu. When I click it, all I get is a tiny long box, like you can see in this picture.

I am getting this error on Firefox on my laptop and on Safari on the iPad and it appears to be the case for all words in all lessons in all languages.

Also, I can bring up the dictionary bubble thing by clicking ‘Search Dictionary’ when I first come across a new word, but I get no results in the bubble.

Yes, I’ve also noticed it today.
It’s an unplesant bug for people like me who doesn’t trust the existing hints and almost always checks the words in one or several dictionaries.

That must mess up everything for you then. I trust the user hints mostly, but I still look up a lot of words. I look up words either when there is no hint and the Google Translate attempt does not look reliable, or when the hints in the list contradict each other or the context the word is in.

Yep, same bug for me. Hope it’s fixed soon.

Having the same problem here.

Browser- Chrome
System- Kubuntu

Sorry everyone. We are looking into this. Hope to have it fixed as soon as possible.

@all - This should hopefully be working properly now. Let us know if you are still experiencing this issue!