Chatting on a thread - a better quality of English grammar?

When doing a quick post of an opinion on a thread, I don’t usually worry about completely proper English. The tone is conversational. I don’t pay attention to things like capitalization rules, grammar, spelling, and clarity. I use slang or pop culture references. It is stream-of-consciousness. I am not producing a formal business proposal, I am just chatting. I rarely revise.

However, on LingQ forums, I realize that English learners are watching. I should behave like a college educated native speaker who is capable of producing proper English.

Truth is, for my average thread or blog post, if submitted for corrections at LingQ, would be criticized.

The good thing is if I do reread a post and see in my haste I made a grammatical mistake, LingQ has the ‘edit’ button. Phew!

It takes more attention to be grammatically correct and concise. I am 50 years old. I graduated college almost three decades ago. It has been a long time since I have had to recall those grammar rules, let alone explain them to someone who is a non-native English speaker.

Plus it is also true that given my age, I have an out-dated mode of writing. I don’t ‘text’. It is a real challenge for me to express myself in Tweets, because abbreviations and brief sentiments are just not my style. I grew up in the age of long letter writing. I read glorious English novels where one sentence could sprawl along for an entire paragraph in convoluted use of language.

I have to think to make my sentences simple.

I found this out quickly when I started writing my Korean pen pals 3 months ago. I can utterly confound, entirely unintentionally. My Korean friend taught me this week “헷갈려요. 혼동돼요.” which means “I am confused. I am in a daze.” He was using it for me the novice Korean learner, but it works in reverse with me as the English speaker to a ESL student.

The good thing about being aware of the language we write as native English speakers is that it results in higher quality of posts.

The bad thing is maybe I come across like a stiff, formal English teacher. Maybe I get caught up in what is “proper” when what is more important is the message the person is trying to convey and being encouraging of all language learners. Perhaps formal language fails to show people my silly, playful, laughing self.

If anyone fails to post an idea because it is a hassle to take the time to revise and review for grammar, then the community misses out on the the idea. Fear of not saying something perfectly should not keep you from posting. It is my opinion this should be a warm, welcoming place for people to learn.

That said, I’ll try not to be lazy when I post, so I can provide reasonable examples of English to those who are using the English Forum as a place to learn.


When I write on here, I make more typos than a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters would before they come up with the complete works of Shakespeare.

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I agree with your sentiment, and I strive to be more formal than usual. I am fully aware of the people watching and reading English to learn, and so I feel it is important that we represent the language as properly as possible. I personally do not think you sound stiff and formal, but rather exact and concise. Keep up the great work and I shall too. I believe that texting abbreviations are an abomination (however with dictation software on my phone, I now no longer type at all, and instead have to speak very clearly and succinctly).

Whether we make mistakes on this forum is, I believe irrelevant as long as we are striving not to, and support each other with corrections and encouragement. By the way, I am 51 years old, but I am one of those who keep up with current trends and technology as much as possible.

Thanks for your heartfelt and informative post. I enjoyed reading it.



To say “Thank you” in Korean is ‘감사합니다’. The Korean texting abbreviation is “ㄱㅅ”. Given my typing speed in Korean is 9 words per minute, and I say thank you to my Korean language exchange partner after every correction, I am thinking of using this one. :slight_smile:

Those curious about Korean texting shorthand, check out

Wish there could be more people like you who would always put other people’s ‘interest’ into consideration in everything you say and/or do.

I am one of the learners of the English Language here on this site and I’m so glad to know that there are people like you who are willing to help us in any which way you can and be a great model to look up to.

I salute you Ma’am jreidy!

Thank you so much!

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