Chat threads need an import button!

I really like these new chat threads, it’s nice to be able to post on a forum without worrying whether my contribution is not just a little bit too trivial :smiley:

Could we, in the course of time, have an import button to import one individual post in a thread to the library, plus an import thread button to import a whole thread as a new collection?

I also miss an opportunity to identificate native speakers from learners. I would like to see under the nickname the native language of user (not language of the interface).

And I agree with Helen. It even would better to have an opportunity to check what posts you want to import - checkboxes near posts and at the bottom the “Import” button

Ooops… It was me…

I was thinking of proposing a small competition for advanced students, to see if they can post on chat threads without people being able to tell that they aren’t native speakers! I’m just trying to think of how to run it…

We have several options here.

1)You can always cut and paste and import these threads now.
2) We could build a Notes area and add an Import button and anything highlighted would be Imported to a Notes collection, no need to select Category, Type or image. There would be a default image.
3) We could develop a roving LingQing function that works anywhere on the site, without importing.

What do you think is best? Remember I do not know when we could get to this.

I’d vote for 3.

I do 1 now, but it took me a while to figure out how to do that, which means it maybe is baffling a few other people too!

As for identifying the native language of the speaker, we need only click on the poster’s name to find that out. It is a good reason to visit with a member, and hopefully make her or him a friend!!