Changingn ratings in Lingqs

I seem to remember that in the previous version, I could just type the number for the vocab word I’m viewing. In other words, if the word is rated as 1, and I want to change it to 4, I could just hit the number 4. In version 5, I have to do a process of three clicks until I can type a number to change the rating. I hope I’m wrong and that there is a way to do this more straightforwardly, but so far I haven’t been able to find it.

It actually works fine for me, on Chrome browser. If I select a status 1 LingQ, I can change its status by using keyboard shortcuts (numbers) 2,3,4, K to make it known or X to Ignore it. We haven’t made any changes there.

Oh dear, I hope I don’t have to go back to Chrome, which I hate, to get this right. I’m using Firefox, and I hope Zoran will be able to clear this up for me soon.

I tested on Firefox too and shortcuts works fine there also. Everything seems fine, I can’t find a way to reproduce the issue. What Firefox version are you using?