Changing positions in a playlist doesn't work

I’ve tried to change the position of a lesson in a playlist.
For example: Login - LingQ

First problem is that the field for the position number is too small.

Main problem is that it leads to “Internatl Server Error” when I press “save”.

Hi Vera, I am very sorry about that. You are right about position fields, they seem to be too small for longer numbers. I have tried to change lesson positions on my account and I couldn’t reproduce the “Internal error”. I have tried to change a couple of positions on your page (then I got them back, don’t worry :slight_smile: Would you try it again just to see if that was a random bug?

No, it is not a random bug. I’ve recognized it some weeks ago.

Here is what I do: I change the number of the last lesson to “1”. Than I press on the Save button on the bottom. After 1 or 2 minutes the Internal Server Error appears.

Oh, I see. I have just tested it a bit on your playlist page and figured out that the error appears in the case if you try to create a position which you already have. In your example, you already have the lesson with the position 1. If you just change your initial lesson’s position to any other number (so that you don’t have two identical positions), it works fine. It works like this because the system has to know the order in which to play audio, so there are shouldn’t be same positions. I hope it makes sense :slight_smile:

Ah, thank you. This was possible in earlier versions. That is the reason why I haven’t thought about it.

No problem! I hope you will now be able to change your lessons as you initially wanted :slight_smile: