Changing numbers

I know that the vertical list of my languages is incorrect as far as words known in some languages. I don’t want to give a laundry list of whys, but I’ll mention things two things- “junk numbers” at the bottom of at least one podcast that inflated my Portuguese by about 25 words. I’ve also noticed that the numbers of words are sometimes incorrect and I have to manually click “know” on each word or else the count is wrong if I click “know all”. I notice a lot of these things, but I don’t want to annoy everyone by nitpicking every word that is incorrect, every word count that is off, etc. Is there any way I can correct (lower) my word count in a few languages? I think Portuguese is off by 25, Russian by 49, and Japanese by 25.

Maybe I shouldn’t be concerned about it. It probably happens to everyone here, but I like to keep semi-accurate (lol) records.

Maitee, correct me if I am wrong. Your known word is off by less than 1% (25 out of 4,000).

Do you really think that the word count can be that accurate. There will be proper names, misspelled words, foreign words and whatever, that the system will count as new.

There may well be inaccuracies in our system of counting. I think the solution is for all of us to understand that these numbers are only rough indications and most of all they are indications that we are learning more and more. When I see that there are few new words in my new Russian texts. When I see that I can easily read things that I could not read before I am confident that I have learned a lot of new words. Whether my "known words " total of 60,000 words or so is out by 1% or even 5% really is not a factor of any importance to me.

With regards to the number of known words, I personally don’t treat this figure as a completely accurate indicator of how many words I actually know. Given that it includes lots of proper nouns, different word forms and even words with an apostrophe in them, it’s bound to be considerably inflated. I think it just gives an indication of how much new content I have studied on LingQ and roughly how much my, primarily passive vocabulary has developed.

I see. I just wondered if I could change the numbers myself.

In the case of Russian, it was my own fault. I think I hit the “I know all” button at least once when I meant to listen to the podcast.

But, mighty Maitee, you can still save these “known words” and the total of your known words is accordingly reduced ( I think).

Yes, I think the same as Steve. Moreover, you can’t technically just reduce the number of known words as the system does not just count the number, but also remembers what words you know. If you would like to reduce the number ot known words, the system should know what exactly words you want to mark as unknown.

It increased the number of words before I learned them. I’m sure other people have done the same dumb thing. I give up. I shouldn’t have mentioned it.

Lots of people do that. The thing is that it doesn’t really matter whether you indicate all words as known and then LingQ words or first LingQ words and then indicate the rest as Known. You end up with the same totals. The system removes words from your Known list if you LingQ them and leave them as status 1, 2 or 3.

I’m like Maitee, I would love things to be incredibly accurate and would love it if there was an option to ‘unselect’ words like proper names and the number 3245, in fact I think I mentioned it once, but in truth it’ll always be a rough estimate, it doesn’t really matter, and there are probably far more important things on the website for them to attend to.

Exactly blindside, I agree with you, there are far more important things. I don’t think the site should be complicated with any further options for accuracy in system of counting.

There can never be a perfect system able to identify proper names, ignore conjugated forms, tell a difference between word classes and so on. All I can say is that everything will be fine in the long run. When we’ve read a couple of hundred texts and saved some 10-20 000 words, a very tiny portion will be proper names.

Thank you . I have already hear about this website from aj hoge director of effort less english cloub . I was very anxus to learn other language particular the english

I notice on this forum that maitee seems to have closed his/her account. I wonder why. It is always possible to downgrade to free if you are going to be away. It does not make sense to close one’s account.

Steve, if you want to downgrade to free, you have to delete all your LingQ. So basically that’s like closing your account.

When you delete all your LingQs, you don’t lose your Known Words counts though, or your lessons and archive lessons pages. But when you close your account you do, and you lose all your statistics (hours listened etc.).