Changing course type

I had published an intermediate group course on February, and I would like to re-publish it as an individual course. But when I try to edit course information, the type is not editable… is there any other way to do this?

From my own experience, I think you have to un-publish it and enter it in again as a new course. Since the old course can’t be deleted either, if I were you, I would just save the un-published version until I was ready to publish a new intermediate group course. Then, I would just edit the course info. I don’t think there’s any other way to do this, but I could be wrong…

The drawback here, which I was trying to avoid, is to re-enter the same information all over again… :frowning:

Hi Ana,

Unfortunately, there is no way to do this because the two course types have different event scheduling.

Hi, I still can not set up a new course. I’m on another account to see my course and it says “Sorry, there are no sessions available.”
Even though I’ve put my available times in my Calendar, starting from April. The system hates me :frowning:

Hi Hitomi,

We’re looking into this. I’ll get back to you. It seems strange since your times do show as 1 on 1 times.

Thank you Mark! It’s nice to know that I’m being cared*

We’ve finally fixed the bug that prevented times too far in advance from being shown in the available sessions list. Of course, your times had long since been shown as available since weeks had gone by! :frowning: Sorry it took so long but it shouldn’t happen in the future now.