Changes in profile page

It looks like in the profile page we can now add link and other feature!!! Great!! It is really convenient to be able to embed links so that someone just have to click instead of copy, open a new window, paste the links.

Anyway it looks like the hidden code is taking a huge amount of space. I have replaced all my writed links in brackets for real links and the total amount of characters has dramatically increased.
I now receive this annoying “Ensure this value has at most 2000 characters (it has 2473)”!!!
I tried to reduce text but I have checked out in word, and it says I have 1400 characters. I guess there a lot of hidden code counting.

Is there any way to increase a little bit the total characters allowed since this new convenient feature consumes more space for text?

Albert, as we introduce new features and continue to rearrange things to speed up the site, there will continue to be mistakes and small problems.

Please keep telling us and we will eventually get it right. Of course Mark and Alex are asleep right now and they will answer more specifically when they get up.

I’ve the same problem. I added a lot of information to my profile (hopefully it helps other students). Now it has too much characters.

But it is really a great improvement to have links on the profile. It’s amazing how many improvements LingQ have experienced in the last time. I’m sure you’ll resolve all the problems.

Sorry, that was me again on my daughter’s account :slight_smile:

Great way to let us to get to know your daughter, Vera!

I understand Steve. As Vera said I also think it’s amazing and really positive all the recent improvement that you have introduced in LingQ. It is something normal to have this kind of bugs when a lot of changes are implemented in a system. I just wanted to let you know so that you can solve it whenever you can.

It’s funny because at the first fast read I thought you also should be sleeping! Then I realized we have the priviledge to have you in our time zone for a while! :wink:

This problem is now fixed! :slight_smile:

We have removed the HTML editor from the profile temporarily while we improve the functionality. we would like to give you the option to show links in your bio. Give us a few days to fix the issues and reupload the HTML editor.

The new HTML editor is now in place for the profile description. You can now include links and formatting in your description.

I’ve still the problem that my profile has now to many characters. I added a lot of information to my profile (hopefully it helps other students) and it has exactly 2,000 characters. Now it has too much characters. It’s great to have the option to add formating to the profile but it would be nice to be able providing as much information as before on the profile.

Just to know, why cannot we write more than 2000 characters?

It happens the same to me, the same as with the first editor version I mean, my previous less than 2000 characters profile page, just with the links conversion has turned into 3478 characters. Could you increase the total characters allowed in the page or make that the hidden code does not count as a character? I think it would be a great solution for a great implementation in the profile page! :slight_smile:

I understand the issue. We’ll see what we can do here.

We’ve increased the capacity to an amount that we think should be sufficient. Enjoy~

Thank you. Now I run into the problem that you’ve changed the number of characters in the description :frowning:

In beginner lessons I often provide a German and an English description.

Sorry, wrong thread. I spoke about the description of collections.

Thanks for increasing the capacity, but 3000 characters is still not enought for me since the hidden code is taking a lot of space. Less than 2000 characters before, right now it’s around 3500. Could you increase the total capacity to 4000 characters please?

In my opinion, the profile length should be much more than 2000 characters. I mean, it’s the place where you can tell about you and your background, promote yourself as a tutor, tell about your new lessons, and so on. So I think it should be at least 10.000 characters. Like I said, it’s just and opinion.

Hi all,

We’ve increased the limit again. It should be enough for all your profile description needs :slight_smile:

I agree with Oscar. How many characters are allowed now, Alex?