Changed to Lifetime Turkish from normal Premium

In previous posts it is mentioned that you have to cancel your old Premium subscription in order not to be automatically charged (which would happen next at 24th of September.) I find no way to be able to do this under Settings / Account. I have always paid my subscription directly to LingQ. I only need the Lifetime Turkish for the foreseeable future. What do I do now?
Thanks for a wonderful Program / App.
Under Account it says: Current Tier: Lifetime Premium Turkish (changing to Free on September 24, 2021)
Kind of cryptic message. What does it mean?

I checked your account and I can confirm that you have cancelled Premium successfully. After September 24th you will remain on Turkish Lifetime only.

Thanks a lot Zoran. I will then follow the same procedure on my wifes account and if I see the same result it should be OK I guess.

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if you want to be sure, just let me know what her username is and I’ll gladly check her account too. :slight_smile:

Hi again Zoran. That would be reassuring. My wifes username is: susfarre
Thank you to all at LingQ for your good work.

Checked. All good there too! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Zoran.
I noticed in a recent post complaints about advertising on the lifetime subscription. If that is the case we would probably have to go back to the normal Premium again. But we will wait and see what happens later this month.