Changed audio doesn't match text - regenerate?

Hi there! I’m reading a travel blog in Hungarian. It didn’t come with audio, but I got a native Hungarian speaker to record the audio for me and saved it along with the text as a private lesson. Unfortunately, the first version of the audio was missing some chunks that were in the text, so he redid it for me and I imported the changed audio recording.
Unfortunately, it was read out at a slightly different speed the second time around and the text and audio no longer match. I have a lot of links associated with the fairly lengthy lesson, and would prefer not to have to erase it and start again.

Do you have any other solutions for fixing it?

I’m wondering if “regenerate” might do the trick, but can’t see any information on what it does and how it works. (I thought version 5.0 was supposed to come with improved help, but I can’t see any help whatsoever, and that includes even the most basic information on functionality!)


If your currently uploaded audio and text do match, yes, just regenerate the lesson and that will do the job.