Change to way to save words to LingQ database

In a article page, we can selected words and phrases that I want to keep in LingQ database. That is good. But many time I just want to copy the words or phrases to search in the Internet or I just want to save good phrases in my own computer and print it out. It’s very difficult to do so.

I have an idea that, is it possible that the system will not automatically save words after I selected texts on a page, but create a small button on the top of the text I’ve selected to save the selected text to LingQ database. Just like The New York times website.

A simple way to copy words and phrases is to have the “Print” page open alongside your lesson. From there you can easily copy and paste.

I know that there is coming a new lesson page soon. Maybe they’ve improved this. I remember that Steve told me a long time ago that they want to change things.