Change language in LingQ dictionary


I am having trouble studying German and French because LingQ does not hint for most of vocabularies I checked.
My first language is Japanese and I appreciate LingQ has many hints in Japanese for English words.
However, I would rather have some English hints for German and French.
Could you tell me how to change language setting so that I can continue my study in French and German?


Hi mii,

You can change your Dictionary Language on the Settings page which you can find by clicking on the link in the top right corner of the site.


That is an excellent question. Please go to Settings and there you can change your Dictionary Language. You can also change your interface language. Your English is very good, and I recommend that for all learners whose native language is not English , but who speak English well and are learning a third language. Unfortunately we have to have one default dictionary, and it may not work as well into Japanese or some other language as it does into English. There will also be more User’s Hints automatically showing up in the Hints slot in other languages.

One day we will enable more flexibility in the choice of dictionaries, and one day if we have enough Japanese learners doing German and French, there will be more Japanese Users Hints for these languages.

One day!

Thank you Mark and Steve for quick responses.
I will change my dictionary language.

I am sorry. I made a mistake.

Thanks for quick responses, Mark and Steve.