The current challenges (April) are all set to the same goal, regardless of level in the language. This is true in each language I’m studying here.

As an example, the Norwegian challenge goal was 18,200 coins, but is now set at 4550 coins, the level a challenge is usually set at when you’re just starting.

Edit: Can we get an April challenge for Icelandic as well?

I think I noticed what’s happening. I’m not sure if this was always true or if its a 5.0 change, but the challenge is based solely on the daily lingq goal (casual, steady, etc) instead of your level in the language as I had assumed.

So my only question now is the one about Icelandic.

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Yes, Challenges and Daily Goal changed after the 5.0 launch.

I think that Challenges for Icelandic and Armenian will be available starting from May. They won’t be available for April, since we are already in second half of the month.