Hello! I decided to join for the “90 day -. challenge” but I have not understood what I have to do. Is there something I need to share or write in order to update my challenge?
Please explain me better what exactly I need to do every day. Thank you

@Ling65 - Welcome to the 90-Day Challenge! All that you need to do is to meet all your targets. Underneath your Avatar picture you can see the Progress Snapshot with progress bars and small numbers next to them. These are your targets for Known words, LingQs, reading, speaking, etc. By default it shows your weekly targets. If you choose 90-day challenge from the dropdown, you should be able to see the targets for the 90 days of challenge. To complete it, you have to hit all the targets set up for you by LingQ (based on your level and language). All your activities on the site are tracked automatically. However, for some activities (listening, reading, writing, speaking) you can adjust your stats if you do some activities outside the site (like reading a book). Try to focus on your weekly targets to stay on track. Good luck!