Ceating new LingQs

I have just noticed that once the new word count in a lesson has been reduced to zero I cannot create a new LingQ. When I highlight a new word the right-hand screen displays the message, “No new words”. I think this is a new bug. I often create new LingQs after my first reading of the text. As long as the new word count is greater than zero new LingQs can be created.

I have noticed this as well. Quite annoying.

I have experienced the same and reported it to our technical people. Hopefully we will have been solved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@all - We just pushed a quick fix for this issue so it should be working properly now. If you come across any other issues with this be sure to let us know.

Thanks Alex. It worked OK although I needed to refresh the page before it would accept a new LingQ.