CBS News interpreter of an address in Latin by Pope Francis has glowing praise for Steve and his methods

The interpreter’s Youtube handle is Deka Glossai (Greek for ten languages).

Here is a snippet of his interpreter work in regards to Pope Francis, which was discovered by LingQ member gregf:
- YouTube

This is the video in which Deka Glossai has glowing praise for Steve and his methods:
- YouTube
(or - YouTube).

Thanks for posting.
One of the best YouTube channels I have seen. Been watching videos for hours…

Did anyone see the broadcast (broadcasts?) where he did the simultaneous translation? I was wondering if it was effective. I think this “backstage” view is great, and I wonder how it was used in the broadcast. (We discussed this a little, here Latin Content: Lingua Latina On Cd For Macs - Praise And ... .)

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