Categories of the contents in the Japanese library

As I read the Rasana’s new Russian collection thread, here is my concern. The Japanese library is a mess interms of categorizing. Now I am thinking of recategorizing them (although it is painful without a buch prosessing bottum.) I need a rule. Steve said Beginner I is something learners can find translations in other languages. I have made the Hiragana or Feeling collection, which is kind of drilling for beginners. Where should they be? Under “Beginner Japanese,” maybe?

Woops, I did again. I was going to change the title, and I hit “comment.” The post above is not proof readed… Anyway, what do you think I can do with romaji and all-hiragana contents?


Let’s think about these things and hear everyone’s ideas. I am concerned that the Beginner I should not have too much choice or the learner gets confused. We have had the “multilingual texts” as our basic texts, but not everyone finds them comfortable. We could have a LingQ beginner section and a Beginner Japanese section.

We may have other ways of organizing the Library and setting out a beginner path.

Let’s discuss this now for all languages and see what ideas come forward. I cannot say when we can get at reorganizing the Library. We may do some things soon and more later.

I agree with you, Steve. It is easy for beginners to have limited choices. Japanese is already so confusing having three characters for each item. We already have “Beginner Japanese” section. I was wondering about the difference between Beginner I&II and Beginner Japanese. I don’t want to lose future Japanese learners because the library is too complicated.

That is why we need to get the collective wisdom of all of you tutors and content creators. How much should we standardize our beginner content? How much freedom should we give each tutor and content creator? The rest of the Library can be a free for all but the beginner section takes a little thinking.

I would prefer to have some constants in all language.

As for Asian languages, we hope (again that word) to get at them in a few months. List up your desired features, kana, Romaji and pin yin, in the text but not counting as words, conversion from traditional to simplified characters in Chinese, and how the courses should develop.

Let us know of resources that are out there and that can help.

What do you think about having categories under the name of “Romaji only materials” and “Kana only materials”. It means that “Beginner I&II” and “Beginner Japanese” contains only contents with Kanji. We have to find the way for newbies who want to learn in Romaji to get right lessons (Maybe course will do?).

I was thinking… I don’t know how difficult it is to implement. Now we choose a category and a type of the lesson by choosing from the pulldown list. But how about having tick boxes instead of pulldown? A lesson can be “Beginner II” & “Romaji” & “Life”. Then when learners search for the lesson, it is better if they can filter by including “Romaji” & “Beginner II” or excluding “Kanji”. If we have tick boxes to choose learners levels, it might help choosing lessons. Ohhh, it is too hard to explain in English.

I want to know what Japanese and Chinese learners think. How can we organize library better?