Cat in bin in Coventry

This week a video of a woman dumping a cat in a dustbin in Coventry was everywhere and lots of jokes circulated on Twitter. Here is a further twist:

One of the animals in ‘Mongrels’, the adult puppet show on the BBC is a Persian cat called ‘Marion’. You can now see and hear what happened to Marion on a visit to Coventry.

I know it’s in bad taste, but it is funny.

I suppose the devil made her do it.

Is Marion a tom cat?

Yes, he is, but in the “Mongrel” videos he undergoes an operation… Marion is one of those names that can be given to a boy or a girl.

Shirley, Evelyn, Jocelyn, Robin/Robyn, Hilary etc are all examples of this kind of thing. John Wayne’s real name was Marion. In German speaking countries you’ll find Maria as a male or female first name.

Incidentally, I just remembered “Mario and the Magician (Mario und der Zauberer).”

Wow, Thomas Mann und Klaus Maria Brandauer: you are an erudite chap!

The woman in the video actually claimed she didn’t know what came over her!

I have just discovered that someone has put a lesson in the English library concerning the story, obviously without the sound to the video!

Here is the link to the story, the video’s is in the above post.:

Listen to English, The woman. the cat and the wheelie bin

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Listen to English, The woman. the cat and the wheelie bin
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