Cartas de mi casita


Hay un pequeño error en el texto - no la falta.

Y mientras que escribo me viene una pregunta. ¿Hay diferencia entre pequeño error y error pequeño?

Ambas se dicen, ¿correcto?

I can’t find the mistake! Where is it?

I’m not sure about the error Jingle was referring to, but I found very minor errors – leído and corazón should be accented (I know I’m being anal retentive).

By the way, I like this letter. You encouraged me to purchase “Donde el corazón te lleve”.

I shall have to sack the typist! You can’t be more a-r about spelling that I am. I like this to look right. Thank you. I do hope you’ll get as much out of the book as I do.

The mistake is in this phrase: “para la gente a quien no la falta”. The “la” should be “le”, which is what Berta says when she reads it. (I suppose she’s correcting it without realizing it!)

This is getting ridiCKERlous. … spelling than I am…

Thank you all for your corrections (me included).

Por nada.