Cantonese Video Import subs

I’m finding that the browser import function is not recognizing Cantonese subs if they are using common alternate names (it seems), Like ‘Cantonese’, or ‘Cantonese (Traditional)’, but only seems to work with ‘Cantonese (Hong Kong)’. Some examples; 【兒童廣東話】蔬菜找不同🔎小遊戲學習單字 Learn Cantonese: Let's Play Spot the Differences and Learn Words for Vehicles - YouTube , 【廣東話教學】100句廣東話最常用的句子|第四集 - YouTube , 捉緊Hola的尾巴|我哋出發喇|直立板Sup出海去|冇人荒島上|自家Pepper Lunch - YouTube

Thanks for reporting. We will look into it.