Cantonese language lessons

Hi, I was wondering if there will be a Cantonese version of the Chinese lessons.

Hi chndlrbng,

We will eventually have Cantonese but unfortunately, not for a while. You can, however, import and study any Cantonese content you find elsewhere and the functionality will work just fine in our system.

I’m a Cantonese.I can help you with Mandarin Chinese and standard Cantonese. I’ll be grateful and try my best to help you improve your Language. I would love to have language exchange with you. My MSN Messenger Skype nickname is Hidi1234。I hope to meet you there one of these days. I’m looking forward to chating with you.

Hi all,

It’s 2 1/2 years since the comment about a Cantonese version.
So, is this still in the process of happening some day ?

I would like to start learning Cantonese seriously from the basic beginner level I’m at now.

Thanks, Richard C