Cantonese has been totally empty for me as well as Traditional Chinese. Can anyone else see anything there?

Also new lessons ive been adding have been getting currupted or showing errors and redirecting me to the main page (library page). Pretty annoying. Any way to avoid this so I can use those lessons?

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I just tested it, and the lessons show up in the feed but they will not load all of the way for me either

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So strange. I haven’t been able to see a single other lesson since I opened it a few days ago. Hope that gets fixed

Yeah I’m getting the same issues as well…

Apparently it’s just cause nothing has been uploaded yet. I didn’t expect that before but. Hopefully more people pitch in to add lessons, especially for Canto

Yeah I think it’s because the language is still in beta and the team only added it to allow users to upload their own material for self-study. From how I understand it, LingQ will upgrade it from beta once they themselves get enough reading + audio material created.

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Hey… I have another forum related to this. (Not implying ur a hacker it just had a clickbait title)

It’s just a certain lesson you added has glitched out or something. It’s the little prince. All the characters are in traditional and then in simplified. And after I do the lesson, it adds 200 or so new words to my account that it says that the lesson has even though I never see. Should I put it in traditional??

Yeah, I think I know why. I uploaded the script in traditional thinking that it wouldn’t matter cause it would convert it over to simplified automatically. I guess it doesn’t work that well in practice, idk. I’ll try to change the script over to simplified and see if that helps. Sorry for the hassle man. And yeah perhaps displaying it in traditional would fix the problem temporarily