Can't use the pause button

I can’t use the pause button. It isn’t a problem for me because I can just quick LingQ and then use iLingQ to listen to the audio but when I press it, it pauses for just a moment, and then plays straight away.

Strange… Same thing happens to me in Chrome. We will look into this.

That happens to me sometimes with IE and FF as well. I think this problem is probably related to some mp3 files.

@James - Can you link to a specific lesson that you’re experiencing this issue in? As Vera says, it is likely related to the specific file.

How do I link to it? I always have trouble and llink to my own personal workdesk.

It happens to me here Login - LingQ

For me it was Portuguese LingQ - Eating out- Part 7. It seems to be working now though.

Same here. Strange!